Essentiality in a dish

Two creative and complementary souls. A minimalist and refined cuisine. A room that embraces the chefs at work to make your experience a unique show.


The creative forces of chefs Richard Abou Zaki and Pierpaolo Ferracuti join in the constant search for the essential.

Guided by technique and inspired by emotions, the chefs work side by side to create irreplicable magic to savor at every course.


Our cuisine is created through a continuous experimentation towards new yet unknown flavor combinations.

We remove the unnecessary and we let the raw material shine, in search of unexpected ways to design new contemporary Italian cuisine.

Let the show begin


No degree of separation between who creates and who tastes: our kitchen is in the dining room and each service becomes a show to experience.

As you take a seat in our restaurant, you find yourself at the front of a stage. A special moment that embraces dishes and sensations with its magic.

Wine cellar

A wine cellar is never a casual choice. Ours is an underground cave, a small treasury that holds the best labels.

Firm roots and an evolutionary spirit drive the mindful research of our Sommelier Luca Luciani. A wine selection focused on how to match and make each dish shine.


The elegance of haute cuisine supports the celebrations of the most important moments, both for reserved events at the restaurant and private parties in dream locations.

The menu is personalized together with the chefs to make each event unique and the careful attention to detail ensures that every aspect is impeccable.